Picture of guitarist Anders Hrn

Anders Hrn

Born: 1981

Duties: Guitar and backing vocals

Gear: Jackson SLSMG, Peavey Triple XXX 120W head, Vader Cabinets 4x12, GHS Low Strings,
Dunlop .66 picks

Other bands: Retorture

Miscalleneous: Anders founded My Own Grave together with John and Max back in 2001. He writes all the lyrics for My Own Grave

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Picture of drummer John Henriksson

John Henriksson

Born: 1984

Duties: Drums

Gear: DDrum Diablo Death -kit, TRX -cymbals, DW-7000 Pedals, Pro-mark 5A sticks

Other bands: Retorture

Miscalleneous: John is one of the founding members of My Own Grave. He owns and runs Studio Blastbeat in Sundsvall

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Picture of singer Mikael "Aron" Aronsson

Mikael "Aron" Aronsson

Born: 1981

Duties: Vocals

Other bands: Depraved

Miscalleneous: Aron replaced original singer Ramin Farhadian in 2003. He kept to the "traditional MOG", screamier style of singing on the debut album,
but after that returned to his characteristic, deep growls.

Aron operates My Own Grave's MySpace page

Contact Aron:

Picture of bassist Max Bergman

Max Bergman

Born: 1982

Duties: Bass and backing vocals

Gear: Spector Euro 4 LX . Marbass amplifier,
Ampeg Cabinets

Other bands: Retorture

Miscalleneous: Max is one of the co-founders of My Own Grave. Before that he played guitar in Osmose where also John and Anders played.

Max handles all the merchandise for MOG.

Contact Max if you have merch-related questions.