Necrology (Album 2009)
Grade: 7 / 10

Review by David Jannati for Close-Up Magazine
Issue #114, October 2009
Translated by: My Own Grave

While the Gothenburg scene of today represents an ingratiating, sing-a-long metal, Sundsvall represents the violently catchy type. The melodic aspect of MY OWN GRAVE's death metal has its roots in the Swedish 90's when structure was prioritized before unnecessary speed.

With the heaviness of New York death metal as a complement, the quintet unleashes solid riffs with fluid harmonics, backed up by fast, flashing drumming and very well-articulated growling. After enjoying the competent guitar-solos of "Exhumed to be buried" and "Age of torment" however it is clear to me that additional guitar solos would've increased the albums dynamics.

The album as a whole however is solid. The intensity is never compromised, and the heaviness of "Carnal revelations of the flesh" is meatier than a porno financed by Scan. (Editor's note: Sweden's biggest meat distributor)