Necrology (Album 2009)
Grade: 8 / 10

Review by Graham Ellis for
Terrorizer Magazine (Issue #188, 2009)

Fulfilling every bit of the promise they displayed on their superb "Unholy" EP back in 2007, My Own Grave could easily leapfrog the majority of their Swedish death peers with this textbook show of strength.

Borrowing primarily from the illustrious legacy of their Stockholm and Gothenburg peers, they eschew any and all notions of experimentation in favour of a heads-down, take-no-prisoners approach that is, at its most incisive, strongly redolent of Unleashed in their malevolent prime.

There's more than a little whiff of Floridian ferocity and the occasional burst of Slayer-ised riffing here too, and it's that ability to switch from Dismember clatter to Gorguts bludgeon in the blink of a beer–pickled eye that makes the likes of "Disciples Of War" and "Exhumed To Be Buried" such a violent but uncomplicated joy.

Not many bands get the balance between old school filth and new school vitality right, but My Own Grave are skillfully inching away from the chasing pack.