Necrology (Album 2009)
Grade: 5 / 5

Review by Perke for (September 20th, 2009)
Original review (in German)
Translated by: Google Translate

Who said Death metal would not evolve properly, is mistaken. My Own Grave is the best proof of that. The Swedes mix modern Death Metal with Old School Death, Brutal Death and link all this together with Thrash, what can really hear it! "Necrology", even though it's only their second album, hereby ascend My Own Grave into the final death Olympus and bands like Grave & Co. do not overshadow them - quite the contrary: The competition here is loosely inserted into the pocket.

Just the title tune, you get so easily out not from the ear canals and handed them one after a short time, the creeps who truly deserves it. In the course of the album is proceeded by a brute force, so that the wax is set hineinkatapultiert in the internal auditory canal and no ear hair remains on the other. But remember, despite the brutality that is placed on the day, not My Own Grave, verschmücken all with delightful melodies that cry out for more.

This album lacks nothing - it sounds like it must sound. For me only one thing is certain: My Own Grave will always be associated with "Necrology" - my personal album of the year on the market. A required purchase for Death fans!