Necrology (Album 2009)
Grade: 4 / 5

Review by Patrik Nilsson for Joyzine (2009-11-04)
Original review (in Swedish)
Translated by: My Own Grave

Hell, Satan, Belsebub and his flamign aunt - this is good, literally speaking. It's been 20 years since I heard death metal this good, and then it came from Florida, now it origins in Sundsvall. It's such a nostalgic feeling over this entire release that you're basically thrown back into 1990 when tapetrading, paper fanzines and unreadable logos were "the shit", and the underground was thriving.

On Swedish soil we had Nihilist, Grotesque and Grave spreading brutal music from all corners of the land. This was all good, but in honesty I thought the foreign stuff was a bit cooler, probably just to go against the flow as usual.

Therefore it feels extra good with a Swedish band that plays death metal of a more Floridaesque style, and even do it really, really good. My Own Grave manage to weld Deicide's intense drive with Morbid Angel's smart hooks, and some of Testament's rawest riffs along with the mighty heaviness of Bolt Thrower. "Necrology" is an impressive creation and the whole record breathes old school death metal but with today's production, big kudos to mr. Swanö for a perfect sound to create that hybrid.

The weakest link on the record is the vocals. It sounds like a mix of Benton (Deicide) and Willetts (Bolt Thrower) but without the real edge that makes a good growler interesting. The vocals aren't bad but let me put it like this. If this record had Vincent (Morbid Angel) or Greenway (Napalm Death) the grade would have been a five and it would have easily mangled its way unto my "Best of 2009". Now the grade stops at "damn good", but that's not too shabby either.