Necrology (Album 2009)
Grade: 8.5 / 10

Review by Ihsan Dündar for (November 11th, 2009)
Original review (in Turkish)
Translated by: Denizsu and Ihsan Dündar

"Extremely Beautiful and Extremely Bestial"

The year 2009 has been a very productive year for metal music. We were able to listen so many albums that blow our minds away, even if they are not very innovative. Now, My Own Grave too, has pulled the pin out of the grenade with its new album Necrology and finally breaks its silence after 2 years.

I was searching desperately for a vigorous album and this band attracted my curiosity in the moment i read an article about them, it's formed by 5 guys who exactly know what they want to do. Of course, we shouldn't forget that these guys are from Sweden. I said this; because I have a special weakness for the bands from Sweden that keep up doing their best especially in the death/thrash genre.

The album's production and mixing has been done by a name that we're all familiar with, Dan Swanö. Since he's a guy who worked both as a member and as a productor for so many bands and albums, we can see all this experience at work on this album and the result is an amazing job. I wouldn't even hesitate when Dan Swanö's name takes place in an album anyway. As for the cover design, it was made by a guy named John Zig who is actually a tattoist ( Cover art successfully conveys the soul and the chaos filling up the album. It's a little bit cliche though since these kinds of covers are not something unusual, but at least it very well explains why this album is called Necrology.

If we need to talk about the band itself; My Own Grave has its roots from old school death metal yet it feeds them with a right amount of modern sound. They clearly have inspirations from Sweden in their music. Though their genre is "melodic death/thrash metal", its melodic tunes are eliminated down to the point where it's so nicely vulgar and aggressive that it may make people expecting more melodic style feel disappointed of it. When you listen to the album, there is a high possibility for so many band suddenly may spring to your mind. Of course it's not because they don't have their own style, but there are so many bands in this genre and it kinda limits the creativity. These guys' music reminded me bands like Behemoth, Yyrkoon, Legion of the Damned. I'm sure most of these bands I just mentioned will sound unrelated to most people and maybe you won't agree with me and names may change; but i guess it may be a good idea to choose famous examples like these ones so we can point this band's usual character out in the basis of directness of the songs, tempo and course of the album.

I uploaded the album to my mp3 player and hit the road. After listening the album a few times, I seriosly thought that it was overrated by "global domination". At first it seemed to have an unnecessary brutality, songs that mean nothing to me; shortly it was just an empty noise for me. Then I gave another chance to the album. (Well, well!) And good for me; because the album that sounded empty at first was actually the exact same thing that I was looking for.

Necrology is indeed the definition of metal for me. They are exactly doing the music that I want. Just like Lamb of God, just like Vader. Pure metal, ferocious at its maximum limit. Though the album is quite brutal, there are choruses that you can sing along -yet still very brutal- and these are making it more appealing. None of the songs are shallow, rather they are all qualified songs that have a potential to be a hit. Although I like all of the songs on this album, "None Shall See" and "Exhumed to be Buried" are one step ahead. I thought about this decision a lot; because every song is pretty much the same in my opinion. Hence, everyone's favourite may be different.

The album begins with a short but effective intro, it has 11 songs and it's an adrenaline explosion from beginning to end. None of the songs spoil the coherence of the album. The riffs that begins at the 35th second of Hail the Blind is definitely amazing. Lead guitar tunes at the chorus of Cerecloth is unearthly. Just like in this song, through whole album we can hear devilish riffs from time to time and these make us remember old school theme and suddenly pushes the song in a haunted atmosphere. Blast-beats that usually been used in the album accompanies these dark and harsh riffs without sticking out. The vocalist "Mikael Aronsson" whom we know from his butcher like image shows a great performance in the whole album. Basses that usually just goes with guitars and don't stand out, make their appearence nicely in Disciples of War. All in all, we have an album in our hands that doesn't repeat itself, goes fluently and created professionaly. Direct, uncompromising and savage!

Obviously it's one of the best albums of the year in my part, but I have doubts whether it will be listenable or not as time goes by. Let's just listen to this cute album that is surely going to boost my energy level up throughout the year; (an album) destroyes like a bulldozer and kisses like a machinegun.