Unholy MCD
Review by Rickard Karlsson for Close-Up Magazine
(Issue #92, 2007)
Translated by: MOG

MY OWN GRAVE of Sundsvall definitely do not save gunpowder and maim away like furious direct from the start with "Buried". Maybe it's because the first second reminds me of the song "One by one" from IMMORTAL's swansong "Sons of northern darkness" that I immediately get hooked on this. Or it could be that the catchy brutal death metal the band delivers is really mean stuff. The focus is on an ever-present groove and comprehensible song structures. Devotion to such virtues give the songs identity and MY OWN GRAVE, illuminated in the section New Blood in issue #91, show off more maturity than what can be expected from a band with only the full-length album "Unleash" (2006) behind them. My personal favorite is "Beneath dark waves" that with its driving bulldozer-riff makes the abyss seem a lot less distant, defying this thriving spring day.

Grade: 7 / 10