Unholy MCD
Review by Leimy for Neckbreaker Webzine
Translated by: DeathMetalRaver

Wow, what an opener. Directly after the first riff and the forward pressing drums of the double bass it's instantly clear what awaits you: Old school Sweden Death of the finest, that you nearly can't play any better.
Alone, the first song "Buried" is an first-class example for "Elk-Death" of the 90's without frills. Such a genious new-interpretation of old-school I haven't been blessed to hear since Bloodbath, I'm really delighted.

The five Swedes, who released their second release with this EP, know where to go and fade away a little bit from the Thrash Metal that played a bigger role on their debut (at least in the songs offered at their Homepage: www.myowngrave.com). I support this choice cause the Death Metal style fits the dudes a lot better i.m.o. Track two "Above the weak" continues the style of the opener and mixes at its beginning the Sweden parts with some "Vader-like" parts, to be soon after pure norsk Death Metal again. Hear and there shine some genius solos and thrash-passages that should animate every Death Metaller to banging.

With the hauling starting, ultra-evil third song "Beneath dark waves" they demonstrate that they can also be pretty brutal with a locked handbreak, even if blastbeats shine throu here and there. The next song "God forbid" offers typical Florida riffs, that not rarely remind of Monstrosity and alikes, and is also underlined by fat blastbeats. Loosened by diverse, melodical midtempo-passages this song is nothing less than another Death-Metal masterpiece.

The last song, "Cross after cross" could also be from Bloodbath and when the melody of the beautiful lead-guitar starts in the middle-part of the song, every Sweden-death-maniac's gonna turn insane. At last due to the cold blast-beats and some nag-singing a little black-Metal feeling appears, which lifts the song on an even higher level. And after a genius break comes the angry furiousnous, which blows everything away and sets the worthy end of this genius EP.

As you are able to see, I can't stop praising this, without any doubt. I would even go so far and put this record on one level with the masterpiece "Breding Death". For me one of the surprises of the year. Even this year's Sweden-death highlights from Evocation, Demonical or Vomitory hardly match this, cause everything is absolutely right here. A good dose of melodies, blastbeats, midtempo, genius songwriting, a fat production, a cool logo and espacially a capable and varied singer who's able to deep-growl and also manage nasty nagging.

Everyone who by a far stretch likes Demonical, Bloodbath, Paganizer, Ribspreader, Evocation Kaamos, Entombed, Incapacity or Grave needs to get this secret tip. I can do no other due to the geniusity of the Swedes and give the highest grade...

Grade: 10 / 10