Unholy MCD
Review by David Horn for S.O.D Magazine
(Issue #25, 2007)

As the low-tuned guitars assault your eardrums on the opening track of "Unholy" from MY OWN GRAVE, you are "Buried" in the punishing assault. This is Blackened Death Metal of the highest magnitude as tracks like "Beneath The Waves" and "God Forbid" burst as the seams with fresh, howling riffs, crisp drumwork and menacing, harsh vocal assaults. The production on "Unholy" is stellar, making every second of this fast-paced affair a micro explosion of terror. Killer, creepy cover art shows the duality of existence, as life and death are but minor images of the same descent into nothingness. Fans of the extreme can't go wrong with this one.

Grade: 9 / 10