Unholy MCD
Review by Mike for Earshot.At
Translated by: DeathMetalRaver

So far the name My Own Grave didn't ring a bell for me, even if the swedes can look back at 4 Demos and one album. The opener "Buried" directly starts in Full-speed, fast and brutal metal with some Thrash influences is the goal.

It continues in the same style with "Above the weak", no prisoners are taken. It's not the typical Swedish metal, the direction points more to Florida Death. "Beneath Dark Waves" starts as fast as the two songs before, but just in the moment the listener misses some variety, MY OWN GRAVE show that they are not only capable of playing brutal but also doomy dragging.

The following track "God forbid" is again mostly full speed before the record ends with "Cross after Cross", for which the band hired SETHERIAL-singer Infaustus as prominant supoport, after a lot to short 16 minutes pretty Black-Metal sided. "Unholy" impresses through varied songwriting, instrumental kompetence of the musicans and a cristall-clear produktion (Necromorbus Studio). In my opinion surely not the last thing we gonna hear from MY OWN GRAVE.

6 out of 7 Points