Unholy MCD
Review by Norman Hauer for Metal Earth Webzine
Translated by: DeathMetalRaver

Six years after founding MY OWN GRAVE release with "Unholy" their first EP. Before were 4 Demos and one album. Those were more Trash Metal, on Unholy the five swedes support Death Metal. And so they relinquish an intro or other sort of introduction and attack directly with Buried.

You can hear the Thrash-History of the Swedes, so the five tracks of "Unholy" offer a fine mixture of Death Metal, garnished with some thrashy passages. Most of the time Brutality rages surpreme, but the slow parts groove like hell and spice up the sound of My Own Grave.

For the final song, "Cross after Cross" the band picked Setherial fronter Infaustu as guest-singer, which gives the song a Black-Metal character. The EP offers a lot of fun and im really looking forward to the next record cause these Swedes know their shit as if they would have always been a Death-Metal band.

4 flames out of 5