Unholy MCD
Review by Azrael for Taste-Of-Black Webzine
Translated by: DeathMetalRaver

What a crushing record! My Own Grave from Sweden play Death Metal, from which you only conditonally can guess of the homeland of this five-piece. Crafted through a superb production five hyperblast-bullets fly around your ears, which are dominated by blast-attacks and a walzing doublebass.

The throaty, disturbed singing reminds a little bit of Nergal, and especially the third song of the sorrily just a little bit longer than 15 minutes EP "Unholy", namely "Beneath Dark Waves", points with his whirrling breaks and the furious guitar-work into the direction of polands Behemoth. Besides this, the songs have an undeniable Thrash-Direction.

The playing time rushes past you and the missing length of this EP is probably the only minus. The playing level and the from time to time very technical composed tracks (Excellent worked-out leads, many perfect used drum-breaks) are absolutely hearable and you donīt need to be a big prophet to see a bright future for this band. In the light of tons of faceless Melodic "Death" Metal-Bands that flood coming from scandinavia europe, you canīt praise this bands effort high enough. Brutal, musically, independent, overwhelming, crushing. This is how it has to be!

Points: 8,4 of 10