Unholy MCD
Review by Gerco Zwiers for Blackfuel E-zine
Translated by: HammerHomicide & Saldiac

Thanks to the Internet the world has become smaller and it's no longer exceptional for a European band to sign with a record label located on the other side of the world. Swedish My Own Grave, which found a place at Pulverised Records, is such a band. Pulverised is located in Singapore and seem to be crazy about Swedish bands.

Under the motto 'eigen graf eerst' [This is meant as a joke, a bad one really] My Own Grave has played groovy, contemporary death/thrash since 2001. The Unholy-EP continues where the debut Unleashed (released by the Dutch Karmageddon Media) left off a year ago. And just like every good Swedish band these guys really know how to handle their instruments. But since it's all done already a hundred thousand times before, you may think to yourself what is this all worth.

72 / 100