Unholy MCD
Review by Bastian Greb for BloodChamber Webzine
Translated by: DeathMetalRaver

A gloomy cover, decorated by some skulls and a declined church, thereto a nearly unreadable bandname and a threateningly cloudcourtain leave no doubt that we are dealing with a Death Metal Promo here. But that's really not just another Death Metal release.

Garned with some Thrash and Black Metal Influences MY OWN GRAVE serve us here an old school hammer on the highest level! The not really religion-friendly lyrics are presented by more than just one shouter, the main work is done by some dude named Aron, who surely abused some unhealty drinks to create such a rough-voice.

The last track presents as bonus guest-vocals by Setherial Fronter Infaustus, which gives the very varied song a special dark atmosphere. Very incisive is also the permamnent doublebass-thunder, that constantly rains down on the listener. But even with all this brutality, My OWN GRAVE manage to incorporate some grovy passages and sweden-death melodies here and there into their sound. (Example: "Beneath dark Waves").

It's possible that there are a lot more innovative Death Metal Bands out there, but all those who crave for some Old School Hammer, which still features variety, can't pass on MY OWN GRAVE. Fitting riffs meet fast drums and some fine aggressive vocals and create together with a fat production a mood, that fans of Grave, old Entombed, Dismember or Incapacity should definetly check out.

8 points out of 10