Unholy MCD
Review by Marko Saarinen for Imperiumi Magazine
Translated by: NGA & Johnny P

Swedish quintet from the west neighbour of ours has been doing their thing for few years now and they have managed to make a debut album but their record label at that time had some problems and the publish of the debut album took more time than expected. Now the band has found their home from Pulverised Records, a Singaporean record label which has spent some time off the business also.

At the same time itís time for a new beginning with 5-song Unholy EP. From yours truly the mentioned debut album has gone past without noticing which is a shame while listening to Unholy. Although My Own Graveís rolliní brutal sort of metal has been heard many times, the band still makes a decent job.

There is enough ideas in the songs, riffs have hooks and some balls in them which makes sure that the EP is played more than once. When comparing the band you just have to turn to their Swedish comrades such as Vomitory, Incapacity and Dismember. Stuff solid like this can only be recommended although there is no need to expect any surprises. The best song "Cross After Cross" sticks to your head like a crab louse.

Grade: 8 / 10