Unholy MCD
Review by Achim for Metal.de

In this case My own Grave were quite lucky that we´re here at metal.de instaed of bandnames.de, cause there´s really no originality in the name. Under this circumstances we forgive those sirs some other unoriginalities and turn our interest on their music, cause it has a lot more to offer. After having played a lot of Thrash on the four proceding demos and one record they decided to turn on this EP to Death Metal, wherat you naturally still can hear the Thrash- and Black-Metal influences of the 80's.

They seem to have learned from former mistakes: Where the debut could be named "How many songs can we create with just on riff?" My own grave turn to the better side here and deliever a firework, consisting of five grenades, that lets no boredom grow. Without big introduction My own Grave give you directly a fistful of Metal; I don´t think I need to loose many words about the typical used arsenal. With well done breaks they include the few slow parts, a little run to groove this record has anyway - especially "Beneath Dark Waves" presents itself well done in this light.

For "Cross after Cross" they engaged the Setherial-vocalist, and you can really hear a little pinch of Black Metal, which gives a good closure of this EP: The succesful production, which leaves the bass enough room, makes this piece of Death Metal a well done, but not very innovative listening without filler. Maybe a little bit antique, but how often did we already discuss this subject? You definetly can't complain about the presented crafting. If the dudes manage to hold this high standard on their next publication, we can really start looking forward to it.

Grade: 7 / 10