Unholy MCD
Review by WARMASTER for MetalGlory Webzine
Translated by: DeathMetalRaver

This is how Metalglory estimates this piece of art: Just Genious!!!!
Shopping estimation: Buy it Happy!!

Boaaahhh!!!!! What a hammer!!!! The from nothing suddenly arising Swedes of MY OWN GRAVE pulverise with their about 15 min. long EP "Unholy" by the way everything else that has Death Metal on their flag.

You don't believe this??? then get this murderwork and just let it spin - those five DeathMetal Dudes are the most refreshing-brutal that I've heard since a long time; What a drive, what a power!!! Nice deeper laid guitars duel in nice speed with great double-bass, immediatley stuck in your ears killer-riffs and a grunter that surely uses the well-known mixture of Quality-Oil and thumbtack twice a day.

"Unholy" transports the facility of the playing together of musicans as also a brutality that hasnīt been there since BLOODBATHS EP "Breading death". "Unholy" is only an EP, but spins hot at my crib since days and therefore gets well deserved nine points - dudes, get up and grab this at "Pulverised Records" released Minirecord!!!

I do a forecast here: This bandīs gonna get real big!!! When will this full-length Album be available that my neck is craving for?

Grade: 9 / 10