Unholy MCD
Review by Tequila for MetalStorm Webzine
Translated by: DeathMetalRaver

When there's an unreadable Band-logo, than it's mostly Black Metal. Or really extrem DeathMetal with Grind influences. MY OWN GRAVE on the other side are dealing with normal Death Metal, which they create with ardency and hearable american influences, so don't expect some IN FLAMES or DARK TRANQUILITY copycats.

The MINI-CD i'm speaking about is the second professional release of the five, after the debut drowned a little bit at Karmageddon Media. Unholy features five tracks, played in faster speed, even some Blastbeats are there, so enough stuff to let your head circle.

The last song "Cross after Cross" stands out a little bit, it reminds me a little bit on Unleashed and that gives me extra pleasure. But again not pure Swedish death metal, it's just a small doses from this side to fill out the picture. When there's an extremly calm part after 2:55 min before the aggression sets in again.... yeah that's just pure beauty (in a morbid sense).

My own grave lays an impressive business card on the table, let's hope they get enough support now to present themselves to the fans.

Grade: 79 / 100