Unholy MCD
Review by Psyche for Nedermetaal Webzine
Translated by: Saldiac

MOG has been active since 2001 and after their first full length album "Unleashed" released in 2006 the band presents us the "Unholy" EP. MOG is from Sweden but they have very clearly listened well to Polish death metal bands like Trauma and Decapitated and to their fellow Swedes in Coldworker.

However, MOG is not a copy of these bands because you'll hear pretty quickly that they're more melodic and thrashier as well. Without an intro the first song throws you into the abyss and you'll know from the kick off what type of band you're dealing with. The thick guitar sound of both guitars immediately draws your attention, they are very skilled musicians.

The drummer also knows how to handle his instrument: he blasts like a maniac and sometimes drops the pace. The vocalist has a very typical death metal growl which can be a bit monotonous at times. He varies it with a higher scream every now and then which is a shame since these screams sound very good.

There's a lot of variation of fast and mid paced parts which keeps the music interesting. The production is very tight and consistent, and doesn't fall short in comparison to productions of bigger and well known acts. After a playing length of about 15 minutes "Unholy" has left a good impression on me and made me curious about their "Unleash" album which was released prior to this new EP. Fans of technical and Polish death metal should check out "Unholy", I'm convinced you'll like it.

Grade: 82/100