Unholy MCD
Review by Mictlan for Schwermetall.Ch
Translated by: DeathMetalRaver

Too bad the second CD from the Swedish Death metallers My own grave is only a EP. I truely miss the prodecessor "Unleash", but becuase of the high quality-standard of the new one I will change this as soon as possible.

Cause My own Grave fire 5 Death Metal pearls with heavy thrash influences around the listener's ears, and they are really worth listening to. I would settle this 5-headed Swedish Panzer legion somewhere in the surroundings of groups like Impious.

Ok, there were 4 demos altogether before the debut-album in the year 2006 which meant that My own grave could work all relaxed on their capabilities as musicans in the total underground before the debute. And if you look at Unholy, this time has really paid off. "Buried", "Above The Weak", "Beneath Dark Waves", "God Forbid" as well as "Cross After Cross" will not only push because of the fat and brutal production every quality-aware Death Metaller into the wall.

Grade: 12 / 13