Unholy MCD
Review by Robert Märländer for Darkness.de Webzine
Translated by: DeathMetalRaver

Is there still melodic Death Metal outside of Sweden? Sometimes I have the feeling that at least every second band that gets my attention is homebased there. So I could have saved my controlview in the case of My own grave, cause with my first listen I was convinced of their Swedish origins. The reason is probably cause they could have also printed the name of their compariots CENTINEX on the EP without someone getting suspicious. At least if your putting aside the fact that those split up last year.

The differences aren't all to big at the end. The melodic Death Metal base becomes an extra dose of Thrash Metal, which is obvious through the high average speed of the songs. On the other hand, which is even more important, My OWN GRAVE sound a lot harder than most of their peers. The melodies have to deal with the need of stepping a little bit into the background, which has no negative effects in the long shot. Having released a their first album last year and already now releasing new EP, in which case you like to press the repeat-button. This deserves respect and shows that we can expect some more stuff in the future.

It seems to pay out that most bandmembers concentrate full on MY OWN GRAVE and don't waste their creative energies in other places. Only drummer John Henriksson is playing in another known band, he bashes the skins in ANGTORIA. The string-fraction seems to have no further side-projects. Also why should they, if it is so good working musically? It's a little bit sad for the band that you don't reach the big ones easily with this kind of music. Therefore already cares the competition in their own country.

Only one thing makes me suspicious. I can't get rid of the feeling that the short playtime of this EP helped the Swedes. For a full-lenght album there needs to come a little bit more to keep the attention up during it´s full length. But that has not much to do with the really turned out well "Unholy".

Grade: 7,5 / 10