"Plain and simple; Necrology slays.
There isn't a weak moment on the disc. It's a short but oh-so sweet lethal dose of some of the best and most brutal Melodic Death Metal ever recorded."

Metal Psaltery

"The close to abnormal musical skills of this Sundsvall-combo manifests itself in a relentless tempo and creates a symbios between raw, primitive harmonies, and raffinated, innovative arrangements."

SlaveState Magazine

"I don't want to pick a favorite track, and can't. If I'm putting this album on it's going from track 1 to 11 with no skipping."

Global Domination

"Necrology is a long-finger salute to everything and everyone. It's a manifest written in blood."


"Real heavy artillery to take off the wallpaper but in a more subtle style than Demonical or Vomitory, Necrology should charm both fans of fast, brutal death metal and those who prefer mid-tempo death metal"


RE-RELEASE 10.01.25
Runtime: 53:08
Label: Pulverised Records

Producer: Widda (Unleash), MOG (PTD demo & covers)
Studio: Various (see the additional info further down)
Artwork: Anders Härén
Format: Jewelcase

1. Intro
2. From The Ashes
3. Into Pieces
4. Spread The Plague
5. Where Carnage Reigns
6. Backdraft (Drowning In Fire)
7. Sheltered By Inferno
8. Soulstorm
9. Heathen Divinity
10. The Beyond
11. Theme For The Dead
12. Strangled By Life
13. Orthodox (Krabathor cover)
14. War Ensemble (Slayer cover)
PTD Demo 2004
15. From The Ashes
16. Sheltered By Inferno
17. The Beyond
18. Theme For The Dead
19. Alcoholocaust

Cover for the new re-release of My Own Grave's album Unleash
The entire re-release of Unleash was remastered by Dan Swanö at Studio Unisound (Örebro) in October 2008. Read more about this re-release

Pulverised Records approached us as early as 2007 about doing a re-release but we didn't want to just release the exact same album again so we took our time and finally in 2008 we had the time to record two cover songs, and Dan Swanö was contacted about remastering the entire release. We also included the Progression Through Deterioration demo of 2004 since 4/5 of those tracks made it unto the original Unleash release in modified form.

Unleash was recorded in Studio Necromorbus (Stockholm), in Sept/Nov 2004.
It was engineered and mixed by Widda and produced by Widda and My Own Grave.

Progression Through Deterioration was recorded in Studio Domsaga (Sundsvall), January 2nd - 5th, 2004. It was engineered by Roger Bergsten, and produced by Roger Bergsten and My Own Grave. All lyrics written by Anders Härén, music written and performed by My Own Grave. The song Alcoholocaust also features five additional singers beside Aron and Anders of MOG: Infaustus of Setherial, Fredrik of Soreption, Johnny of SYN:DROM, Klas of Hectorite, and Macke of Disconnected.

War Ensemble was written by Slayer, and Orthodox was written by Krabathor. These covers were recorded in Studio Blastbeat, May 2008, engineered by John Henriksson.

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CD 09.07.20
Runtime: 36:01
Label: Pulverised Records

Producer: Dan Swanö
Studio: Domsaga, Blastbeat
Artwork: Jon Zig
Format: Super Jewelcase

1. Awaiting Death
2. Necrology
3. Hail The Blind
4. None Shall See
5. Disciples Of War
6. Cerecloth
7. Bloodline Broken
8. Exhumed To Be Buried
9. Age Of Torment
10. Carnal Revelations
11. Incineration

Cover for My Own Grave's album Necrology
5 / 5 - Metal Blaze 9.4 / 10 - Femforgacs 4.5 / 5 - Metal Psalter 9 / 10 - Global Domination 4.5 / 5 - Dead Shop List All 57 Reviews
Necrology was recorded September-November 2008 by My own grave, engineered by John Henriksson. It was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound in winter 2009. Read more about the recording
Jon Zig has done some amazing artwork for the release including additional drawings for the booklet. Hide additional info
Cover for My Own Grave's album Unholy
Unholy was recorded in September/October 2006 by My own grave and produced once again by Widda Widgren (Diabolical) at Necromorbus Studio, Stockholm. Read more about the recording
It contains five brand new songs written in 2006 and is available in two release formats: A 200 copies limited edition slipcase release (December 2006) for the European tour with Setherial, and the official digipack release by Pulverised Records in March 2007.

The musical style on Unholy is more death metal oriented. The thrash is still there but is much less prominent. We have also taken our devotion to black metal to a new level this time by inviting outstanding Setherial-vocalist Infaustus of Setherial to do guest-vocals on the song Cross After Cross.

The main lyrical theme of Unholy is despise against organized religion in all its forms and this is clearly visible in the cover artwork. We see a ruin - the present, and in the lake below its reflection; a once proud church - the past. As the church is reflected all crosses are turned upside down. The artwork concept was created by Anders and visualized by talented artist Jörn Joghans.

The only exception from the main theme is the song Beneath Dark Waves, singer Mikael Aronsson's lyrical debut, which pays homage to the mythology of H.P. Lovecraft and the fathomless darkness of Cthulhu.
All the lyrics for Unholy can be found at Dark Lyrics.

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CD 06.01.01
Runtime: 34:13
Label: Karmageddon Media

Producer: Widda
Studio: Necromorbus
Artwork: Anders Härén
Format: Jewelcase

1. Intro
2. From The Ashes
3. Into Pieces
4. Spread The Plague
5. Where Carnage Reigns
6. Backdraft (Drowning In Fire)
7. Sheltered By Inferno
8. Soulstorm
9. Heathen Divinity
10. The Beyond
11. Theme For The Dead
12. Strangled By Life

Cover for My Own Grave's album Unleash
3.5 / 5 - Sputnik Music
Second place in Audio Autopsy at Global Domination
Unleash was recorded in Studio Necromorbus, Stockholm and produced by Widda Widgren (Diabolical). The recording was more time-consuming than we expected. Read more about the recording

First we recorded all drums and guitars (literally working around the clock) during two weeks in September 2004. Then we returned in November to finish the job but we were once again too optimistic. Finally in December 2004, Widda, John and Max finished the mixing and Widda finished the mastering in January 2005.

The music style on Unleash is very riff-based Thrash with speed in focus. There's only one mid-tempo song (The beyond) and we've also tried to blend in a lot of Black metal since that's a genre we're very found of. The vocals are typical death metal with a lot of characteristic deep growling delivered by experienced growler Aron.

The tracklist on this album is a mixture between songs from the demo that led to the contract (Progression through deterioration), updated older songs and brand new ones. The song "Unleash" is really an intro made by John Henriksson which we used to, hopefully, build up some sort of feeling behind the title and give the record some atmosphere.

Basically the title Unleash symbolizes what the album is all about: the ignition, the discharge. The artwork was done by guitarist Anders Härén and the cover is supposed to capture the process of unleashing the inner rage, to break the mindly barriers, a transmogrification if you will. One half of the cover (guess which) is portrayed by Klas Wiklund, old friend and former member of the band (a brief session in 2002).

For further information on Unleash check out the lyrics at Dark Lyrics or visit your local death metal provider to get a copy. Hide additional info

Progression Through Deterioration

Cover for My Own Grave's demo Progression Through Deterioration
Demo CD 2004
Runtime: 13:40

Studio: Domsaga
Artwork: Anders Härén
Copies: ~150

1. From The Ashes *
2. Sheltered By Inferno *
3. The Beyond *
4. Theme For The Dead *
5. Alcoholocaust

This demo has excellent sound and it lead to a contract with Karmageddon Media. Songs marked with * made it to the debut album. Read more about the recording

Progression Through Deterioration is My Own Grave's last demo, and was recorded January 2nd-5th in Studio Domsaga (Sundsvall) by My Own Grave and Roger Bergsten.

The last song (Alcoholocaust), a salute to metalheads worldwide and to the fine art of drinking beer has 7 singers representing, besides My own grave: Setherial, Gravelgrinder, SYN:DROM, Disconnected and Hectorite. Hide additional info

Blood And Ashes

Cover for My Own Grave's demo Blood And Ashes
Demo CD 2003
Runtime: 13:30

Studio: Domsaga
Artwork: Anders Härén
Copies: ~50

1. Heathen Divinity *
2. Spread The Plague *
3. The Misanthropic Creature
4. 6:66 p.m

Blood And Ashes is the 3rd demo by My Own Grave. Songs marked with * made it to the debut album Unleash. Read more about the recording

Blood And Ashes was recorded during 3 days in late December 2003 in Studio Domsaga (Sundsvall) by My Own Grave and Roger Bergsten. Though the songs are good (two made it unto Unleash in modified form) the sound is not so great.
Blood And Ashes is the last demo that features original singer Ramin Farhadian.

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Dissection Of A Mind

Cover for My Own Grave's demo Dissection Of A Mind
Demo CD 2002
Runtime: 14:25

Studio: Domsaga
Artwork: Strumpa
Copies: ~50

1. My Own Grave
2. Disbeliever
3. Death Is Infinite
4. Ever Mourning Change '02

Dissection Of A Mind was the first demo to be recorded in Studio Domsaga and MY OWN GRAVE's first collaboration with Roger Bergsten. Read more about the recording

The recording session was swift: 12 hours of recording and 6 hours of mixing. The reason behind re-recording "Ever mourning change" was for a music video that unfortunately was cancelled.

Dissection of a mind is Stefan's first MOG recording and an embryo to what would become his classic solos can be heard on the new version of Ever Mourning Change.
The cover-art was created by Strumpa of Hectorite.

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New Path / Same Path

Cover for My Own Grave's demo New Path / Same Path
Demo CD 2001
Runtime: 16:39

Studio: Trackline
Artwork: Anders Härén
Copies: ~30

1. I wake up
2. Godly blasphemy
3. Ever mourning change
4. Anything but dust

My Own Grave's debut demo New Path / Same Path scored high reviews in Close-Up, Slave To Metal and Slavestate Magazine.
Read more about this demo

It was recorded at Trackline Studios (Sundsvall) and engineered by Ronny Pale. It was a hasty recording cause the band needed a demo to sell at their first gig the following weekend. The sound quality was, despite of this, quite good and even though the musical skills were a bit poor the motto "Fast and aggressive" was already established.

The demo features a hidden, instrumental track which is preceeded by a sample from the movie The Prophecy.

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